“Thank you so much for introducing me to Love Grass. I highly recommend it and will continue to keep using it for my autoimmune disorder, which causes severe inflammation. I get flare-ups in my joints and muscles which cause pain. I take the Love Grass daily and the flare-ups are not as severe and not as often. Since I work with children every day and have two granddaughters to keep busy with, I appreciate the fact that it doesn’t alter my mind or will have no long-term effects. What a blessing. ”

– Trudy

“I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and was told to stay away from traditional anti inflammatories due to the havoc they can cause on your gut and liver. Instead I have used Love Grass as my one and only pain relief source. It’s an absolute miracle. Love Grass is a natural , non psychoactive anti inflammatory and pain reliever – amongst many other beneficial qualities like anti cancerous. It’s relieving my pain and I feel so lucky to know about this natural medicine that is good for my body and good for the whole family. Everybody needs to know about this magic derived from Nature.”

– Jill Sutherland

“As you know I was very reluctant to try anything that could make my daughter high in any way as I myself am such a lightweight and I would never want to give anything that would change her perceptions artificially, so when you described your product which has no THC or CBD just THCA… I felt compelled to give Love Grass a try to support my daughter with her autistic, turrets and petit mal seizures.

What astonished me is within the first few days, she was able to go to sleep and stay sleeping from a reasonable hour … in the past she sometimes hardly slept at night or would stay up very late for a few nights a week.

Within a few weeks her body started to change and my 17-year-old daughter started blossoming into her womanly body!

But most of all what has touched my heart is how present she has become and how interactive and present she now is. Enchantee was much more disengaged for her 17 years and mostly trapped in her her own mind and lost in her own world. Her quality of life, her ability to have deeper relationships with her family and now really make friends has astounded us and brought such richness to her life.

I will always be grateful to Love Grass as I can see that the benefits are immeasurable, in terms of my daughter’s happiness and optimum health.”

– Claudia Udy, Mother of Enchantee

Talula is a special cat that has been with me through thick and thin for 14 years. A year ago, she became very ill, listless, and started aging rapidly. She was diagnosed with thyroid dysfunction along with mild kidney infection. A couple weeks after using Love Grass, Talula started to regain her spirit. She had energy again, she would chase me around and play games with me like she used to. Her cute little nose turned bright pink again! It was as if Talula was getting younger by the minute. She is now so full of life again. I highly recommend Love Grass for the Healing and Happiness in both humans and animals. Thank you Love Grass for all that you do! Ever so grateful!”

– Lauren Beth-Aubrey Richwine, Topanga Canyon, California

“I just wanted to say thank you for making something that has finally helped my dog. He’s had a benign tumor under his neck for the last few years.. We had been noticing it get bigger recently, so after hearing and reading about Love Grass, I decided to give it a try. After a $1500 CT scan, the doctor said he refused to do any future surgery, because of how close it was to the artery. We began giving Love Grass to him a little over a month and a half ago. I just got home from being away for 4 days, and it literally brought tears to my eyes. When I felt his neck, it wasn’t bulging, it wasn’t protruding nearly as much as it usually would. The tumor went from about the size and texture of a golf ball, to a smaller, less hard lump about the size of a cherry. I work at BSE, a Los Angeles dispensary that carries Love Grass, where pet owners have been raving about your product.. one patients German Shepard who had cancer and is still living, inspired me to try your product. I am forever grateful! My fingers are crossed for even more of a recovery. I wanted to thank you, your product has really helped him so much.”

– Maddie G.

“Beans had really bad hot spots, and after a week using Love Grass they are gone. He was rubbing on furniture and was very agitated, the traditional pharmaceutical prescription wasn’t working. I started him on Love Grass; after a few days, he calmed down and wasn’t fidgety or anxious and the hot spots completely healed.”

– Ophelia Chong, Owner Stock Pot Images

“Sammy is free from the seizures and pain he was experiencing before Love Grass. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for coming up with something to help and treat animals.”

– Bryan Boyd

“My cat Bob recently lost his companion. My dog Pickle passed away due to old age and heart failure. Love Grass has really helped Bob get through this tough time. He is an indoor-only cat, and Love Grass has also helped make him less stir-crazy 🙂 Bob is happier and more content in our home, and I really believe Love Grass is to thank.”

– Angela Stevenson, Los Angeles

“My dog ZEUS was given 1 to 3 months to live, after being diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma, a very aggressive cancer. I want to thank Avery Rose the creator and owner of Love Grass for going on this journey with us, along with my wonder vet Dr. William Carlsen. Dr. Carlsen was so impressed with how Love Grass fended off cancer .. at moments shrinking the tumor and keeping it from spreading, that he has endorsed this product and started using it with his other patients. My beloved Zeus recently came to the end of his 15-month battle and I want to share how this cannabis oil gave Zeus a great quality of life with no pain. Zeus’ Legacy will live on through the documentation recorded throughout his 15-month journey. We had Zeus on a very high daily dosage of Love Grass for the entire 15 months and he had no negative side effects. He was running and playing up to the very end of his life. I will always be so grateful to Avery Rose and Dr. Carlsen for all of their love and support for Zeus.”

– Pam Apostolou

“I recently purchased a bottle of Love Grass for little dogs to try help ease my Poodle /Dachshund mix named Tubs; anxiety as we were transitioning to a new apartment.I was skeptical that the NON-PSYCHOACTIVE components could help with what I could describe as his chronic anxiety, but I was running out of options so we gave it a try. I was so HAPPY to see how much it HELPED him mellow out during the day and my roommate reported back that he stopped his howling when I would leave for work. Next, We tried it to help tackle his CAR SICKNESS. I’m HAPPY to report that when we adminster it about an hour before we get in the car, he is RELAXED and CALM with none of his usual sickness. I AM SO GRATEFUL we were ABLE to find this REMEDY, and it is TRULY IMPROVING his quality of life (and mine!)”

– Helena Rotolo, California

“Love Grass has really helped me with my Trigeminal Neuralgia. My pain level can be incapacitating at times and I take gabapentin but it does not take the edge off as well as the Love Grass”

– Darlene, Orange County, California

“Our Doberman Dodger was almost 10 years old when we received that horrible diagnosis that he had osteosarcoma. The disease is very aggressive and very painful. We had less than a month from diagnosis to death.

However during that period of time dodger was kept comfortable not just by the pain medication but increasingly by the love grass drops that we gave him up to 15 drops, 3 times a day. He was eating breakfast and dinner when we had to put him to sleep because the tumor had grown so large that there was no other option. Because of Love Grass he slept most of the time and we believe was comfortable up to the end.”

– Mel & Tony, Los Angeles, CA

“Our 24-year-old Arabian “Muffin” Suffered from a heart condition as well as Melanoma Cancer which had spread to her brain. She was having several seizures on a weekly basis and was place on phenobarbital to help control the seizures. Even with the anti-convulsant medication we were still unable to control her seizures. A friend suggested trying love grass and within 2 weeks not only was muffin no longer having seizures but she also was able to come off of all the other seizure medication she was on. She remained seizure free for 10 months. Muffin unfortunately passed due to her heart condition, but I feel that she was given better quality of life for her last months because of Love Grass.

Since I had such success with our horses, I decided to try it with some of our rescue dogs that had neurotic anxiety induced tendencies from previous traumas. For both “Buddy” and “Missy” two paralyzed poodle mixes, Love Grass has changed their outlook on life and are now so much more peaceful and happy!”

– Becca Behrens

“I want to send a very warm, and very strong thank you from the bottom of my heart. I started my 23-year-old cat Boo on Love Grass about a month ago and never have I seen him so happy and pain-free. Not only has it helped with his arthritis, but he’s been eating more and gaining weight, which we have been trying to do on our own for months. He’s currently diagnosed with: arthritis, hyperthyroidism, dementia, and dental disease. We’ve put him on multiple, very expensive, medications that never seemed to help, but since I found love grass I have been overjoyed with the results. I’m so glad I can make life more enjoyable for my kitty in the last few years he has. Thank you very much.”

– Adrienne Bernabei and Boo

“At the age of 19 years old, our Thoroughbred “Lady” was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy. She had multiple seizures in a row. She was disoriented and unable to walk or eat. We again attempted a phenobarbital regimen, which helped but ultimately was not fully controlling her seizures. Her vet said the best thing would be to euthanize her. Before making the appointment, I decided to try Love Grass to see if I could get better control of her seizures. Every day I expected to see a seizure and every day I was in shock when she didn’t have one…. It’s been over 2 years now that she has been seizure free. I am so appreciative of this product and what it has done for our animals. Love Grass is literally a lifesaver!

– Becca Behrens

“Sabou is a french bull dog who had a three-inch tumor under her jaw most of her life. Within one week of using love grass, the tumor shrank down to an inch in size. Today she is tumor free, relaxed and happy! I have witnessed the effect of this non-psychoactive plant medicine work miracles on Sabou. It inspired me to begin taking Love Grass for myself. I find it helps me to be more relaxed, focused, and happy. I also use it as an anti-parasitic and preventative to cancer and tumors, which run in my family. I recommend everyone take this product, it is very healing.”

– Jadwiga Rosalia

“I am a new-ish believer in the power of cannibas oil for dogs. Specifically, the power of Love Grass for dogs. I have an 11-year-old Shih-tzu mix named James Bond (J for short). For the past two years, I have been paying $90 a month for weekly arthritis injections for J. Then a friend told me to try THC-A oil. Over the past 3 months I have had him on Love Grass exclusively, and he’s been running and jumping like a puppy. When I tell people he’s 11 their jaws drop. It is shocking to me but Love Grass has been more effective than the injection!

Three weeks ago I ran out of Love Grass. The dispensary was out but had an alternate brand so I decided to try that. ALL PET CANNABIS PRODUCTS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL. He started limping again and showing his age. I threw your competitor’s bottle out after only using it three times. I hated it. I am happy to report that I just got another bottle LG and hope to never come off of it.”

– Happy customer, Southern California

March 9 – Just started giving LOVE GRASS (last Thursday March 2) to my lovely Aussie Shepherd – Rocky, she has a fatty lump (benign) on her back. Im hoping this helps to break down the mass. I also have another Aussie (Jackson) who is recovering from a TPLO surgery and my Golden Retriever – Sammy is 10yrs old with all kinds of crazy fatty lumps, along with groaning every time he gets up from lying down. Im giving Love Grass to them all twice a day, hoping this will reduce their pain. I love my kids(dogs) so much and hope Love Grass gives them some relief.

April 2 – Ok, we are week 3 of Love Grass!! and getting results! Sammy my 10yr old NO LONGER GROANS when he gets up from lying down or vise versa. HIs lump in his throat does not seem to be smaller, but he has stopped gagging or choking on food.

April 9 – 1 month on LOVE GRASS for my pups…Rocky seems to have more energy each day. Her lump on her back is still there, Im going to stick with the double dose ech day for her and Jackson (he had the TPLO surgery 2.5 month ago) he is not as stiff getting up in the morning and definitely more energy.

June 10 – Sammy, my golden is pain and groan-free! All the dogs are benefiting from LOVE GRASS…I plan on getting some Love Grass for my horses now too!!!!! Amazing product, thank you so much for making my dogs feel better!

– Kyra Shelgren, Calabasas, CA

“Charlie, our 11 year-old chocolate lab, has gotten a new life since we’ve been giving him 20 drops of your Large Dog formula in the morning. Whereas he used to just lay down in the evening, now he’s incessantly bringing us his toys so we’ll play catch. It’s just wonderful!”

– Barry

“Our dog, Meg Ryan, just had dental surgery (4 teeth removed), as well as surgery to remove growths on her leg yesterday. I gave her Love Grass for pain and recovery. She was in a lot of pain yesterday when I picked her up from the vet. Instead of Tramadol, I gave her the Love Grass THCA Oil. It helped her immensely. She woke up this morning with no ill side effects and was able to take her morning walk with no problem. We are actually using the Love Grass for Horses, with of course greatly reduced number of drops for our dog. The dispensary only had the “Horse” bottle left on their shelves. It’s been a life saver for our dog. I actually don’t mind the horse strength as I don’t have to give her as many drops! Megs’ health has improved from 7 lbs to 9 lbs presently. Megs is 16-1/2 years old now and thanks to Love Grass is doing great! Thanks so much!”

– Doris